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A range of services to suit every type of business. Crafty Chameleon serves all scales of businesses from solopreneurs to international corporations

Creative Design

Developing existing or creating new Identities and visual brand assets.

Ad hoc Support

Providing individuals or teams with design support to meet their day-to-day business needs.


Customised training and masterclasses in a variety of creative and business standard applications

“Hayley is a professional, friendly designer, with great ideas to best encapsulate the client's vision. I have had the priviledge to work with her on several projects and can highly recommend her. ”

Charlie, Livingin

“Efficient, creative, resourceful, adaptable and highly flexible, and a total and utter joy to work with. I was fortunate enough to work with Hayley for various projects for my clients: from websites to personal brand creative to conference materials and graphics. Hayley’s experience is extensive and this allows her to give great guidance on projects from a place of practical and logistical understanding, alongside her natural eye for striking content."

Jemima, Business Consultant

“I have worked with Hayley for several years – and can confirm her strong visual and graphical skills, which enable a great storytelling for communication, marketing and sales purposes. She was not only implementing the techniques and methods herself, but also coaching peers with useful guidance – helping them to increase the impact of their rationale with a most powerful visual arrangement. "

Nike, Sunrise

“Hayley was an absolute joy to work with. Her passion for creating the perfect logo for my business and brand was apparent from our very first meeting, where she explored not only my personal ideas, but where she also took the time to truly get to know me and my business. She was very generous with her time, working together with my website designer to create something that totally blows me away."

Johanna, Milk & Motherhood

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