Become a power user with bespoke training that can transform the way your work

Feeling overwhelmed by the continual costs of external designers?
Improve your hard skills combined with learning the fundamentals of design and become an ambassador for your brand.

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Design Tips
& Tricks

Understand the principles behind good design and learn a host of tips and tricks on how you can integrate them into your presentations

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Learn how to make get premium results from industry standard business and design applications 

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The Storytelling

Translate your ideas into a structured and effective story

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Becoming more

Reduce the need for external design rescources by becoming more skilled

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Mastering Presentation Design

Master the art of crafting effective and technically sound presentations

"Hayley listened intently to my curriculum wish list, and sure enough crafted an engaging and tailored training session to address my points, alongside some additional wise observations of her own. Many of the team have since remarked how much they didn't realise they didn't know, and have been eager to integrate the many tips and tricks into their everyday work."

Presentations Skills Masterclass

Remote Team events*

  • Up to 8 people (recommended)

  • Bespoke program customised to fit with your day-to-day business requirements

  • Custom printed course materials

  • Digital copies of all materials

  • Hands on practical programs

  • Technical demonstrations

*Live in person workshops available within Switzerland


....and why!

 Improving your hard skills whilst applying best practice design principles is an effective way to help your and/or your team build your brand.

Training programs are designed to transform your day-to-day business activites. I work with individuals, small business owners and teams of professionals, arming them with the motivation and tools needed to be independent and confident in creating premium documents and presentations.

Learn some tricks of the trade that I have accumulated from over 18 years as a designer working in high-level corporate environments as well as supporting small business owners grow their businesses.

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Every course is tailor-made to your specific needs, to ensure it has a direct impact on the work that you do and is accompanied by customised course materials for every participant to reference.


Sonova, headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland, is a leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions. Founded in 1947, the group is currently present in over 100 countries across the globe, and has a workforce of over 14,000 employees

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Sonova's communications team are faced on a daily basis with challenging content that needs to be presented in PowerPoint in a meaningful and concise way.

I customised my presentation skills program to address all the challenges they face, and help them apply their tools and branding, in both an effective and efficient way.

In addition, I proposed techniques and processes to help guide them when transforming ideas into well structured and memorable presentations.